Installing A Ceramic Tile Back Splash In A Kitchen

If new appliances were recently installed in a kitchen, adding a ceramic tile back splash behind them will prevent liquid spills from staining the walls. If food or water splashes on tiles, ceramic can be cleaned with soapy water and a soft cloth. The following instructions describe how to prepare walls and install tiles with basic supplies.


non-abrasive cleaning agent

lint-free cloths

measuring tape


ceramic tiles

tile cutters

border tiles

ceramic tile adhesive

mixing stick

notched trowel

shallow tray


putty knife



Cleaning And Preparing Walls And Tiles

A non-abrasive cleaning agent should be applied to a lint-free cloth before wiping the portions of the wall that will have tiles added to them. A clean cloth can be used to dry walls. A measuring tape can be used to determine how many tiles will need to be purchased and to mark the section of the wall that is being used for a kitchen remodeling project. Tile cutters can be used to trim tiles that will be used as a border. Otherwise, border tiles can be purchased.


Securing Tiles And Applying Grout

A mixing stick can be used to stir the contents of a bucket of tile adhesive. Tile adhesive needs to be poured into a shallow tray so that a notched trowel can scoop up adhesive. A notched trowel should be used to spread an even layer of adhesive across a wall. This type of trowel will add lines of adhesive, which will assist with securing tiles across a wall in an even manner. Each tile should be pressed against a wall for several seconds until they have all adhered. Border tiles can be added to the edges of a back splash when finished.

To complete a kitchen remodeling project, grout should be applied to gaps that are between adjacent tiles. Premixed grout does not need any additional materials added to it. After adding an even amount of grout to the edge of a putty knife, a knife should be inserted between tiles. Another putty knife can be used to scrape grout from the initial knife and push it between tiles. More grout should be applied to a putty knife as needed.

After completing a project for kitchen remodeling alexandria va, grout that has accidentally spilled on tiles can be removed with a damp sponge. If an individual is pleased with a new back splash, they can complete a similar bathroom remodeling project by completing the same steps.